A few years ago, the hiring of an aircraft for an aeroclub was unthinkable, they had their own fleet and eventually used planes of individuals.

Today, to operate a modern aircraft for less than 100€ per flying hour, without the need for treasury advance or provision for maintenance is available for all the flying clubs.

The company Sport Aviation gives you the opportunity to hire an aircraft according to various formulas: Hull only from 70€ per flying hour VAT included Maintenance and insurance can be added at a price calculated according to the number of flying hours. Fuel, oil and other consumables are not included.

The advantages and benefits which result from these are the following:

Once the formula is chosen, the PS28 provide significant benefits to flight training organizations by its qualities: robustness, cost of operation reduced due to low fuel consumption using petrol car, while proposing some modern avionics which prepares ideally for the training on much more sophisticated aircrafts (Cirrus,…).

Several clubs in France have already chosen these formulas and some of them have already two aircrafts in the training centre.

Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain further information on these new opportunities given to the aero clubs.